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            1. Four Agent Brands

              The company and domestic and foreign lighting brand enterprises such as "Philips", "Shanghai Yaming Lighting", "Hpwinner Agent" and "Moso Agent" have obtained commercial authorization and become a business technology cooperation alliance

              Intelligent interconnected lighting solution supplier

              20 years of adherence to improving the human lighting environment and developing China's lighting industry

              R & D support

              R & D support

              Thousands of new products every year

              Mingjiahui's high-level involvement in the lighting industry originated in the 1990s. They have been devoting themselves to study and Practice for many years.

              The company focuses on lighting scheme design, product manufacturing and engineering installation.

              Supply capacitySupply capacity

              Professional R & D center, without delay

              The company cooperates with Southeast University and other universities and scientific research institutes to cultivate its own talents and increase talent reserves

              The company has partnered with international well-known brand enterprises such as "Philips", "Shanghai Yaming", "Hpwinner" and "Moso" to form a commercial and technical cooperation alliance, and has been authorized as the "customer service center of China Lighting City"


              Have domestic and foreign certificates

              It has passed iso9001:2015 international quality system certification, national "CCC" compulsory product certification and national "CQC" product certification.

              Mingjiahui was awarded the "top 500 distributors in China's lighting industry in 2019", "xinnuofei retail channel excellent service award in 2020", "invention patent award", "best product promotion Award", "top 10 lighting service providers in China's lighting industry in 2021", "xinnuofei Philips Lighting excellent dealer Award" and "Shanghai Yaming sales Star Award" "Signify-Philips lighting China Annual engineering channel industrial industry China's only best partner Award".

              Services guaranteeServices guarantee

              Excellent business service team to provide you with protection

              In view of the company's leading technology, excellent quality and service advantages, it has successively won the bid to implement major lighting projects such as China Resources Power, Shagang Group, Southeast automobile, China FAW, Jinan heavy automobile, Geely Automobile, Chengfei group, Luzhou Laojiao group, Shangri La Hotel, Maanshan Yangtze River port, Shaanxi Xingping street lamp, China Life Insurance, Xinhua insurance, Nanjing Jiangbei people's Hospital, Taizhou Sports Park, etc, Products and services are consistently recognized and praised!

              About us

              Jiangsu Mingjiahui Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a representative of Signify (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huapu Yongming optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen maoshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and is legally authorized as the designated agent of lighting in Jiangsu Province, engaged in the regional channel construction, customer maintenance, circulation and wholesale, project direct sales, warehousing and logistics, and after-sales claims settlement. The enterprise is positioned at the healthy lighting consumption of middle and high-end vertical customers, and is committed to intelligent interconnected lighting products with high efficiency, anti glare, no stroboscopic, long life and high color rendering; At the same time, we focus on lighting design, product research and development, engineering installation and after-sales maintenance, and provide overall solutions for engineering lighting systems for horizontal customers.

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